Augustana Photo Bureau

The Augustana Crew team practices before sunrise on the Mississippi River.

Kids explore light waves at Augustana's physics open house.

Don Clark, a 1938 Augustana alumnus, checks the score during the Vikings' 70-57 win over Wheaton. The team broke Augustana's history for longest winning streak, a record that hadn't been broken since Clark's time on the winning basketball team in 1938. The article and photos are available at:

Augustana Dance Company performance

MLK celebration at Augustana College Centennial Hall

A mother dresses her daughter's hair before her dance performance at the 2009 Augustana African Arts Festival.

Augustana students play african instruments at the African Arts Festival in 2009.

Photo published on Daily Dozen September 9, 2008.

My family and I were driving through Yellowstone National Park, and one night we were stopped by a herd of buffalo crossing the highway. The buffalos appeared out of nowhere like ghosts. That night the steam from the hot springs, the smoke from the wild fires, and the fog from the damp ground made the road almost impassable and contributed to the eerie crossing of the buffalo.

Jagiełła, Poland. Shot through apair of binoculars outside of my Polish family's farm.

My friend Dorota sits on her suitcase in a train's aisle heading to Jagiełła, Poland. Sometimes, trains are so packed that passengers have to stand three to four hours.